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Learn. Liberate. Lead.

When you choose Lincoln University, you're doing more than just enrolling at a school. You're becoming part of a campus community that is tight like a family and filled with people who look out for each other. You're becoming part of the latest chapter in a long and proud history of learning at the nation's first degree-granting historically black college and university (HBCU).

Most importantly, you're enrolling at a highly ranked and recognized top-tier liberal arts school, where you'll be educated, challenged, and empowered to succeed, gaining tools and connections to build a rewarding career and truly impact your community and the world.

Our Dear Old Orange and Blue

As our Alma Mater school song calls it, our "dear old Orange and Blue" has been devoted to and defined by our core values of respect, responsibility, and ultimately, results. Those values and our commitment to the success of our students have long attracted an interracial and international body of enrollees from our community, region, and around the world.

Since our founding in 1854, our impact has been tremendous. In fact, during our first 100 years, Lincoln graduated approximately 20 percent of the black physicians and more than 10 percent of the black attorneys in the nation. Our alumni have led more than 35 colleges and universities and scores of prominent churches. They also include U.S. ambassadors; mission chiefs; federal, state, and municipal judges; mayors; and city managers. Others have made names for themselves in creative and entertainment fields, including writers, directors, comedians, and film executives.

Life-Changing Learning

Today, our esteemed liberal arts and science-based degree programs serve our diverse student body, giving them the knowledge and skillset to achieve their goals and aspirations, whether those are finding a job, pursuing further education, or becoming a more knowledgeable global citizen. Our dedicated faculty, who have risen to the top of their fields, teach in small classes, ensuring that every one of our students has the support and opportunity to succeed.

It's all overseen by an administration and president that is genuinely devoted to both our mission and vision to be a model liberal arts institution and our students. They focus on creating a holistic, well-rounded college experience that goes beyond the classroom to incorporate hands-on work, experiential learning, and a vibrant social and campus life.

Our One-Of-A-Kind Campus

Located amid the rolling farmlands and wooded hilltops of southern Chester County in Pennsylvania, Lincoln's campus is a close-knit community filled with fun events, many student clubs and organizations, and an active Greek life for those interested in joining a fraternity or sorority. We also host a yearly, Homecoming celebration that combines school pride with amazing entertainment to create an unforgettable party for everyone on campus.

We are also located within about an hour of several major cities: we are 45 miles from Philadelphia; 55 miles from Baltimore; and in Delaware, 25 miles from Wilmington, and 15 miles from Newark. These cities not only provide a variety of entertainment and leisure options but many important job and internship opportunities for our students.

鶹ýAV Our Campus 

A Global Network of Alumni

Any graduate of 鶹ýAVcan tell you: if you meet another Lincoln alum, you'll almost always hear a quick shout: "L U!"

That's because every Lincoln alumni know they're connected by the one-of-a-kind experience of having attended our school. They're always glad to see each other, always greet each other as friends, and always look out for each other. If you graduate from Lincoln, you'll be part of that community, and find yourself with a countless collection of instant connections with politicians, business leaders, entertainers, and artists throughout the country and the world.

It's true: your Lincoln experience and the connections you make here will stay with you long after you leave our campus. Whatever you study and whatever you make of your time here, Lincoln can and will change your life, and give you the tools to learn, liberate, and lead as you move into your future.

Apply now or contact us to learn more. Let's go LU Lions!