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From Lion Pride to Global Impact: The Journey of Lincoln Alumna, Ashley Gabb

Photo of Alumna Ashley Gabb


In the heart of every university lies the stories of its alumni, each a testament to their institution's values and the transformative power of education. Ashley Gabb is an example of this.

Ashley’s remarkable journey from a student immersed in the halls of Lincoln to a seasoned professional shaping the intersection of communications and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on a global scale exemplifies the impact of a 鶹ýAVeducation.


Right after graduating from Lincoln University, Ashley started her career at LU, eventually becoming Director of Communications and Public Relations. She then transitioned to a role at Discover Financial Services, leading the marketing and customer experience for some of the regional and community banks in their portfolio. Later, as the Director of Supplier Inclusion and Diversity for , she ensured equitable participation across the supply chain.


As a, Ashley extended her work internationally, teaching communications and DEI at ISCOM in France. Her impactful work continued as she shared her expertise through teaching, advising, and speaking engagements. This year, Ashley opened her own consulting firm, Gabb Consulting, focusing on connecting strategy to social impact through services such as DEI strategy and advisory, communications and storytelling, employee experience, and community activation.


Looking Back at Her Lincoln Days

When thinking about her days at Lincoln, where she received her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism, it was not just the academic curriculum that shaped her path; it was the profound influence of her professors who instilled in her a sense of social justice and the urgency for Black advancement. Courses like the African-American Experience catalyzed Ashley's passion for addressing societal gaps and advocating for underrepresented communities.


A Career Aligned with Purpose

Ashley’s journey has seamlessly integrated her professional expertise with her commitment to DEI initiatives. However, it was during her career at Lincoln that Ashley recognized the challenges faced by recent graduates, especially in securing job opportunities amidst economic hardships during the 2007-2009 Recession. Driven to bridge this gap, she leveraged her role to establish partnerships and bring internships to the University, fostering representation and opening doors for aspiring professionals.


Global Perspectives and Impact

Ashley's journey transcended geographical boundaries when she seized an opportunity to earn her master’s degree in China, supported by a scholarship facilitated through Lincoln's partnership with the University of Delaware. This international exposure and her experiences at Lincoln laid the groundwork for Ashley's future endeavors. Ashley first delved into cultural exchange initiatives as a student at Lincoln, working with organizations like Three Female Ballers who empower young girls through sports and foster diversity in the sports industry. Ashley's time abroad broadened her horizons and fueled her passion for global impact and cross-cultural understanding.


Advice for Future Generations

Reflecting on her rich experiences, Ashley offered invaluable advice to current and prospective Lincoln students. She emphasized the importance of owning one's diverse experiences and bringing one's authentic self to every endeavor. Drawing from her journey as a young girl from Brooklyn navigating unfamiliar territories, Ashley underscored the significance of resilience, self-confidence, and the power of relationships in shaping one's path to success.


Continued Engagement with Lincoln

Ashley remains deeply connected to her alma mater despite her expansive career and global engagements. She continues to contribute to Lincoln's legacy of excellence and empowerment through initiatives like internships, panel discussions, and alumni collaborations. Ashley envisions even more excellent opportunities for cooperation between Lincoln students and professionals, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.


Ashley's story inspires generations of Lions to embrace their passions, forge their paths, and leave their mark on the world. Her journey from a student at 鶹ýAVto a trailblazing advocate for diversity and inclusion exemplifies the transformative impact of education and purpose-driven leadership. As she continues to chart new horizons and inspire others, Ashley remains a shining example of Lion Pride in action, embodying the values of her alma mater and leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.