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From Lincoln Lion to Global Entrepreneur: Meet Alumna Keshia Butler-Thomas

Photo of Keshia Butler-Thomas
Photo of Keshia Butler-Thomas

Keshia Butler-Thomas, fondly known as Coach Kesh, is a vibrant presence in entrepreneurship, education, television, and more. Her unique path from a dedicated student at 鶹ýAVto a seasoned professional and influential figure in various fields is a testament to the transformative power of education and the enduring legacy of Lincoln University. Her journey from a Lincoln Lion to the dynamic entrepreneur she is today is a story that resonates with the transformative potential of education and the lasting impact of Lincoln University.

Keshia's journey began with a deliberate decision to attend Lincoln University, driven by familial ties and a desire to immerse herself in an environment that celebrated diversity. During her time at Lincoln, Keshia was actively involved in various student activities, from student government to studying abroad, which she credits for shaping her into a well-rounded individual. As a proud alumna of an HBCU, Keshia emphasizes Lincoln's unique sense of community and support, enabling her to embrace her identity as a Black woman and empowering her to pursue her ambitions fearlessly.

Following her graduation, Keshia embarked on a journey of challenges and triumphs. In the face of personal tragedy with the sudden loss of her father, Keshia found herself at a crossroads, compelled to reassess her path and redefine her purpose. In 2020, when drawing upon her diverse skill set fueled by her passion for entrepreneurship, Keshia founded her own business,, with a vision to empower Black and Brown businesses in the online marketplace. Today, LCK serves clients both regionally and across nine countries.

Aside from her role as CEO, Keshia previously captured audiences as Co-Host of Morning Coffee on RVNTV Network. She gave up that role to focus on teaching the future of media. She is a current Adjunct Professor of Social Media Marketing at Temple University's Lew Klein School of Advertising and Communications in Philadelphia, demonstrating her commitment to education and ability to bridge academia and industry.

Reflecting on her alma mater, Lincoln University, Keshia emphasizes the transformative power of the HBCU experience. She encourages current and prospective students to embrace every lesson, both inside and outside the classroom, as valuable lifelong treasures. As 鶹ýAVcelebrates its 170th Founders Day, Keshia envisions continued growth and expansion, honoring the rich legacy of the first HBCU and empowering future generations of students.

Keshia Butler-Thomas's journey exemplifies resilience, passion, and a commitment to empowering others. Through her multifaceted career and unwavering dedication, she continues to elevate businesses and empower minds, leaving a mark on the world around her.